Bye bye bye bye bye bye.

 Bye everyone. It’s that time of the year where I am about to break down again. It’s been nice.

I feel so depressed. I am so sad. I should’ve known better. I should remember this lesson in the future. What openness. People can never understand it.

Woo hoo! Got into Stanford too!

Accepted to Harvard!!!!!!!!
But I did get rejected from Yale.

Accepted to Harvard!!!!!!!!

But I did get rejected from Yale.

lol Even collegeconfidential is down. Ivy Day craziness.

Wow. He changed so much. Too much.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Why don’t people like me. It’s so puzzling to me. I’m nice.

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Crown on the Ground. New favorite song. So catchy.

"And I think I, too, did splendidly.” (7 SEEDS)

These are the brief words Mark said about the people of Ryugu, as well as of himself, after he ended everything. [vol11 ch59 pg32]

Brought me to tears. The Ryugu shelter arc is the one that moves me the most. omg.

No friends. Forever alone.

Death in the family. Dear God, please bless my aunt and my cousins, give them strength to go on. Please help my uncle’s soul.

I feel so bad for H. everything was just so unexpected. Dear God, please save us sinners. Our father, forgive our trespasses, lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil.

omg this is so bad. I have crows feet! Crows feet!!! I’m 18!!!!!!! I can’t believe this. please tell me this is not reality. no no no no no. 

I should go to sleep. It’s 1:19am. I am aging so badly.